Game: LHX Attack Chopper

Classic '90s helicopter flight simulator, but there is few info about it, so here goes some interesting observations. (And VM Cheats!)




If you never had any military experience, some of the abbreviations are sometimes confusing. Even I only figured it out years after I got the game.



VM Cheats

Write to the following addresses (using the DosBox debugger or other technique) to do the cheat. These cheats are transparent to the program and hence do not affect scoring.

DS = 0x38D3 usually. If this does not seem to be the case, let it run for a view instruction cycles.

General cheats

“Cast & Crew”

Allied aircraft

Allied ground vehicles

Soviet aircraft

Ground targets

Weapon systems


There are some bugs with respect to location names in the game. The central allied base as well as the northern allied base is known as Boitzenhagen, which cannot quite work with a real map. But see for yourself. Game North is not north in the real maps either (esp. for the Libya map).

Medal view

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