Here we go again with the lamps. Dransfeld DONE.


Street lamps and other small items. It's really not that hard.


More street lamps are coming up. What a ride (86km; 6½hours).


Boundary stones are getting more varied.


During yesterday's transit, noticed boundary stones with spray paint. Went by foot today to tackle that. Walk-and-survey: 13.1 km / 4 hours. Postprocessing: 3h.


Today's objective: check two OSM Notes.
What was done: 1. The shortest way to Kl.Lengden is by going over the mountain;
2. At mtn top, rechecked a junction of paths and redrew the dataset.
3. Re-measured slope steepness on the way down. (Used better tooling this time. Curiously, the last survey here by me was 359 days ago!)
4. Some forest paths were resurfaced; new tracktype for the dataset.
5. In Kl.Lengden, noticed a bus stop is gone.
6. Noticed a new house is being erected. House has non-rectangular shape; took 5 point measurements to build orthogonals; required 6 points; guessed 6th line.
7. Validated the OSM note and its resolution.
8. Tried to leave the forest of horrible tracks...

9. Local newspaper HNA had a traffic warning about a roundabout construction zone at GVZ3. Drove there. Along the way, mapped some newly put up benches at a weir.
10. At GVZ3, took note of new roads (rough estimate, since still closed) and added them to the dataset.


Mapped all hydrants and street_cabinets from Olenhusen to Varmissen. Cycle-and-survey: 13 km, time approx 4h, postprocessing maybe 4h.
More cycling to Dransfeld; sporadic additional hydrants picked up. Observed construction progress at Zaunstätte site.