Doom Reviews

Nothing outstanding, just a general opinion about maps I have played through. Newest review on top, oldest at the end.

Congestion 1024 – MAP01 – Water facility

A nice starting map with a lot of grates, bridges and metal throughout. Plays like 10 Sectors map01.

Congestion 1024 – MAP02 – Garden of the descent

This map reminded me (instantly) of Hexen, because, well, of the textures. And it really played like a mixture of Hexen/Heretic 2, climbing mountains atop and jumping from stone to stone. I really like this one.

Congestion 1024 – MAP03 – Dilapidation

Interestingly, the outdoor whatever looks the same as from MAP02. It is an average base-style map. Oh, and the end switch is particularly inventive.

Congestion 1024 – MAP04 – Outpost 1024

These maps seem to be connected in a quite good way. MAP04 starts with base textures MAP03 left, but then sets a theme somewhere between bronze and stone. It is not quite my liking, but as this megawad focuses on gameplay, I say yes it fits. There is also some nicely done lighting where outdoor (bright sky) meets indoor, or well perhaps, what's left of indoor. And you need a hard jump to get at the red key. And then you end up in a monster trap... (fun!)

Congestion 1024 – MAP05 – Autumn in Hell

This calm map is set in a brown environment of bricks and wood (sometimes with vine-covered marble bricks and nukage). Some architecture looks nice, such as the crossed metal bars on ceiling, about some floor textures I am unsure if they really fit. I certainly do not like Archviles when there is few places to hide. Here again, nice ending switch.

Congestion 1024 – MAP06 – Departure point

Departure Point is a brown cube brick map through which water falls and flows, reminiscent of The Aquaeduct of 10 Sectors. Ammo is limited, so you have to skip some of the tougher enemies and handle them off later. Given that the map is short anyway and you are supposed to start each from a pistol start, the low health situation does not matter. Nice one.

Congestion 1024 – MAP07 – Dead small

Dead Simple remains dead simple. Dead small is yer typical MAP07 map with four mancs and a bunch of spiders. It is set in brick, blood and a touch of metal, and here again we have the crossed-bars ceiling which give a cool shadow effect on the floor, especially since there are more objects throwing shades. It is wise to keep one platform raised during action to hide behind and dodge the fireballs.

Congestion 1024 – MAP08 – A jagged stroll

Yet again a MAP02-style mountain range — this megawad is becoming the ultimate choice for year's best WAD. (Oh, it already is...) In all this amazing map, which combines "beauty", art and crampedness, there are also two secrets. It is quite hard though, lack of speedy weapons and the problematic teleport of that Baron, not to mention Doom's weird damage system.

Congestion 1024 – MAP09 – Monday morning

A hard and challenging brick map. This one teaches you to start using savegames again, like in the ol' ol' times. Again there is some — this time new — ceiling bars leaving shadows.

Congestion 1024 – MAP10 – Gothika 1024

Right at the start of this marble map we again have ceiling bars — is this a new trend? The initial 9-monster wave was unbeatable for me in that health situation, so I took appropriate measures. Maybe this mapper forgot we ought to start from pistols. Since I was killed in the second wave anyway, I retried the map from start and see, I succeeded the first wave way better than the first time. Attack optimization lol. But instead I ran out of ammo. AND I was on skill 2 ONLY. Screw it. The rest I played in God mode, and I did not have any fun during that either.

Congestion 1024 – MAP11 – Caco district

I confirmed it from the textfile: "These maps are all playable from pistol start", but MAP11 lacks a decent weapon for what's acoming — Baron and Hell Knight. There is a rocket launcher around the corner, but Conficius says it is not wise to shoot Rocket Launcher in Close Quarters. You get a shotgun by running through the masses, but leaves you without ammo.

It is possible to cheat a little, freeze the scene, grab that shellbox around the other corner then jump directly into the red skull key pit and try fight your way out. It also requires a GL port because of the awkward upward aiming you have to do from that pit. Once you mastered that part, it is becoming better.

Architecture-wise, this map is rich in detail. At least something to enjoy here. Sorry, this could have been a better map.

Congestion 1024 – MAP12 – Warehouse #667

At first sight, this reminds of the storage area in Doom2's MAP13. That is also actually the thing it plays it to. A small storage facility in cement design. Crate-jumping is something you should be able to in this map.

Congestion 1024 – MAP13 – The Focus II

Probably being the most cramped map, (single) imps pop out of nowhere to make your descend a little more interesting. Traps enough, shotgun sargeants make your ascend back up more interesting. Heh. There is again a switch that consists of only part of the real patch. This brings quite some ideas for own maps...

Congestion 1024 – MAP14 – House of shadows

The mystery music keeps up the interest for this sinister maze map. GL lighting really adds to the map — where there is lighting at all. A crusher hidden in the dark. Sometimes there is just blinking nukage (whohoo). It is really creepy, something I really like.

Congestion 1024 – MAP15 – Bantam

Mountain seems to be the preffered theme for this megawad, and this tiny map has it no less. It is relatively short compared to some of the previous maps, but it is good enough not to suck. Basically it is hit a switch and find a key, repeat that three times, and fight some enemies inbetween.

Congestion 1024 – MAP16 – Deja View

I really hate these Mancubus. Well they are good for infights, but I still get the most damage. I also think putting a chainsaw instead of a berserk pack in easy skill does not make it easier. Not at all.

Congestion 1024 – MAP17 –

A quite tough level with all these hitscan weapon equipped guys and the homing missile revenants. Architecture is quite boring, the entire map is rather empty (look at the automap), but gameplay wise it had a recreational effect after MAP16.

Congestion 1024 – MAP18 – Tutorial #99

Dislike the combination of Revenant & Arch Vile. Otherwise follows MAP17.

Congestion 1024 – MAP19 – Lip Service

It is in this map that I discover a new static sprite, a marine on the pole. Hm. Anyway, this nice little map is a well-thought close-combat one. The SSG is your real friend, alternatively, if you are the other type, the CG is also provided. You could make use of infighting, but the space is too few to let monsters get attracted to themselves.

Ever wondered how easy Doom's E1M8 with the two barons was? Well when I played it the first time, it was not as easy as it is today. The more was the surprise that in this map there were again two barons close — but what was more close were the walls, the room was significantly smaller than E1M8. And, I managed it, heh. What I also feel good about is the Revenant missile evading technique I "learned" from one of Erik's demos. Mastered three revenants without a scratch.

Congestion 1024 – MAP20 – Claustrophobic sting

There is one technique one can use in most of the maps, and MAP20 is no different: Deaf actors. That way, you can battle some imps on one side of the building while the big barons on the other side are still waiting for ya.

Architecture-wise this is a brown cave, with some tech base built into. Easy detail, nothing extra, but nothing too sloppy. But we are here for gameplay anyway.

Congestion 1024 – MAP21 – Corpse yard

Sorry if the reviews get shorter, but unless a map sucks, I am out of ideas to comment on. This map particularly seems to miss the blue key.

Congestion 1024 – MAP22 – Prison escape

Upon first shot you hear the wakeup sound of an Archvile. Oh damn it. Well, as long as I am supposed to be able to defeat them, that's ok. (I was.)

Congestion 1024 – MAP23 –

The crampedness was not tested well enough. Far snipers are also some problem in this map. I do not even want to speak of the Cyberdemon and the already previously-mentioned Archvile-Revenant bad combo. This is — honestly — the first map in this set ever that I prematurely stop on, and move on to the next.

Congestion 1024 – MAP24 –

Ok, so by now, everyone knows how much I hate Archviles. This map starts with one, but hey, it has got a bonus soulsphere, and even without that, a single Archvile remains beatable when there is not too much guts lying around. After I opened that door however, it was all over again. This HR-style gameplay is definitely not my type, so SKIPPED. It is however interesting to see how people who chose the higher map numbers make meaningful (i.e. the opposite of Nuts) maps, simply out of the high map number. (The other case would be that MAP01 would be unbeatable and MAP30 is a cake.)

Congestion 1024 – MAP25 – Stein und Stahl (Stone and steel)

Forget what I said, MAP25 is back simple again. But if we return to talking about things you normally would not notice: the amount of base maps has dramatically decreated in the higher map numbers.

Congestion 1024 – MAP26 – Marbelous!

Hey, does that mimic my map title? [ – The Marbelous Three] Meh.

What I was disappointed in this map was that there were no real monster threat traps after hitting switches. Just single monsters mostly, über-cake. One point that catched my eye were texture offsets. Twice. Once, that the X offsets were unaligned, but the Y offsets and Y flags were done so that the marble steps looked smooth. So one minus and one plus for textures.

Congestion 1024 – MAP27 – Tower of Hades

Is this supposed to be a joke map? (UPDATE 2007-11-20: No, I missed a bunch of switches.) Four spider masterminds and at least one Cyb? It helps infighting, though. Skipped for great justice. I let infighting complete, which is sometimes used in even harder maps such as HR2  — the Cyberdemon took out all four spiders :)

Congestion 1024 – MAP28 – A bridge too far


Congestion 1024 – MAP29 – Magus

Because I think this map looks very good — it is indeed rich in detail — I made the effort to play it through even though it would have gotten SKIPPED. I used sv_fastweapons 1. Ammo was plenty, it did not even run out with sv_fastweapons.

Congestion 1024 – MAP32 –

This map is one naughty void space with lots of monsters in quite limited space. I did not really "play" this one.

IC 2004

The map starts out with a Hexen-style outdoor area (caves), nicely detailed, nothign I would want to miss. You are on pistol for quite a while (depending on where you go), but the monsters are accordingly [unskilled]. Out of the cave is a E1 style base with lots of new-colored and remastered textures, color-shifted BRN* f.e., you will see. The monsters altogether are as "numerous" and hard as in E1. The secrets are also well-visible, so there is a chance to reach them. As for traps, they are (more or less) clearly obvious — however that does not spoil anything; you are always in trouble and mo fights ;-) To summarize, gameplay is outstanding, even so much that I almost had no time to look at the architecture which is no less brilliant. It is all like E1, which we all (hopefully) like, so it is suited for anyone. Enough spoilers.

Community Chest 2 – MAP01 – The furnace

Erik starts the lead with an easy map (as it is usual for map packs), even though we know him to have more tighter things in the backpack, such as Europa. I had the choice to test it in the alpha phase (and did so, rightly) just to second it. (What else would you have expected, maps from Erik are top notch.) Speedrun is possible under 40 secs, so give it a good welcome!

Community Chest 2 – MAP02 – Coolant platform

Coolant Platform brings up a typical E1 style map with all the nukage, STARTAN textures, fun, outdoor sky, tech lamps, and whatelse belongs to E1, even (sometimes hard to reach(!) secrets). Keep short: balance is ok, and this map deserves the title "chest".

Community Chest 2 – MAP03 – Slige control

Despite Slige Control sounding like a crap level, this map is definitely better than anything sliged you ever have seen. The rooms have been polished up bothi n terms of object, monster, and especially, detail placement. (The latter does simply not exist in standard Slige maps.)

It is a good mix of browns with pieces of metal silver. Nukage, tech, you find everything — but ordered — down to ammo. I think someone used the idea generator plus idea-giving Slige constructions and turning everything into a real chest.

Community Chest 2 – MAP04 – Déjà vu

This map consists of a series of marble rooms with, of course, baddies in it. It changes to rock, wood, brick, nukage later, but it is done in an at least coherent way. Take care when moving, you might get a shot in the back. It is straightforward (not that people like truly hubbed maps either), the monster groups are beatable, and if you like using the shotgun, then this might be a blast-through speedrnu (best time) for you. There is plenty of ammo and health lying around, so there should not be any problem.

Community Chest 2 – MAP05 – Elixier

Back from the diversity of map and texturing styles, we continue with a very dark cave with lots of hitscan enemies. LOTS. Even if you dodge and back out, they might just rip the last bit of your health away. Health is scarce even in lower skill levels, but that is what makes this map challenging.

There is not so much to say about the — for what it is — worth detailed caverns because of the darkness. Of which speaking, makes you feel like you are blind, helpless. (You can't always be the superior guy ;-) You will see when you see. Do not raise the gamma, it spoils the game, and by effect, the textures.

When you are done with the cave, there is an adjacent tek base with The Machine left. More baddies and bars (visible impassable linedefs) block the already cramped halls. Keep on saving — and playing.

Community Chest 2 – MAP06 – The view

Introducent to your visit to this map come some first-level enemies (trooper, shotguy, imp, demon). The good start supply of armor and health should get you going. The map itself is set in a Doom2-style industrial outdoor environment (grass and brown earth color) with a very fitting brown-and-tek base, embodied a little below the grass level. Your welcoming commitée soon changes into a more elaborate threat as the map goes on, but it is nothing you could not handle, can you?

Community Chest 2 – MAP07 – To hell and back

There is a lot of hostile fire in this E1-style base you can (or at least it was me) could compensate with health. Groupings of hitscan enemies can be a threat. The rooms are laid out mazely, but in a very ordered manner (well, the average base à la Vrack); it may happen that you need the automap, though. They are nicely joined and if that cannot help you in finding the way, the architecture will hopefully give you something for the eye, including Reclamanation-like moving floors, which keep on carrying the blue key away from you. Like if that was not enough, there is a marble cave in a dim yellow light below the base, reminiscent of Doom2's MAP07.

Community Chest 2 – MAP08 – The Pit

Just when I thought I was already at MAP09 (b/c of the title), the Tricks and Traps music comes in. Anyway, at first glance this seems to be a bare, empty, map; and that trend continues over all map squares. It is enthemed into a very inconsistent mix of marble-brick-stone-wood, which is a very disharmonic mix, especially if it is laid out like in the map. DO not spend too much time on this one.

Community Chest 2 – MAP09 – The transformer

Shotguns. Shotgunners. And a lot of them. A lot. And remote. Tight hallways make it even harder, but if you know a monster's walk cycle, it should be solvabe. This is one of these where you have to be at the right time at the same spot to survive. Whatever the level's design or layout pretends to be, it is not that big — just what you can see (outdoors and the few indoor maps) plus the low (but resonable) amount of approximately 60 monsters. While the start area looked promising, the rest seems to be thrown together. But it is playable, and more enjoyable than MAP07.

Community Chest 2 – MAP10 – Intermission

The cementary design you see at first resembles those found in Doom2's MAP10 (in conjunction with the floor). The room you step out of leads to a MAP13-like downtown. Apart from the brick area, the map is not that interesting. Hope for a better time.

Community Chest 2 – MAP11 – Beyond pain

The bare-looking beginning soon develops into action, right when you wanted to lower the first lift. Choose the right (correct) door wisely, but whereever you go, there is almost no backout possible. Anyway, design-wise, this map does not thrill me very much, for it is mostly gray. There are monsters, but their placement really, honestly, sucks, but is probably related to the layout where they hide.

Continuing Exl's unfinished map has not been too much of a success, and I would rather finish playing it quickly if monsters would not stay in my way.

Community Chest 2 – MAP12 – Redemption

No better than MAP11.

Community Chest 2 – MAP13 – Annihilation Invention

Now here is a good one again. The lovely "smell" of brown walls and metal floor plates (à la E1M9) is the first thing you see, and that is also continued throughout the map — Volle Dröhnung — and just the best at that. Medium-sized roomways got enough corners to hide and dodge the nicely lined-up troops. Apart from some Doom2 monsters (namely Mancubus and Arachnotron), this is real authentic. Barrels and even secrets — it is all there.

Community Chest 2 – MAP14 – Shadow of evil

I always was of the opinion that you can do something with any texture, and despite I do not like wood (probably because many authors do it wrong), this map has been designed very cleanly with wood. So-to-say, this is one which makes the best out of something "ugly". It is a little cramped, but you still can move/dodge, and that really makes a great deal. In fact, this tex combo really /invited/ me to play it. (Yeah, Doom is about art.)

Community Chest 2 – MAP15 – City heat

It is not my liking to wade through groups of Revenants plus Barons plus Cacodemons plus imps AND their fireballs — the open space allows for a lot of unexpected sniper projectiles. So, I personally do not like the gameplay in here, but your mileage may vary. Architecture and design are ok though, some slopes here and there give it somep lus points in appearance. What really put me off was the frictional sludge and the non-functional bridges (I used ZDoomGL). If you experience slowdowns, try playing this in SW-rendered mode.

In this map, you have to flip 9 switches to get to the exit, or flip 9 secret switches to get to the secret exit. And they are well hidden throughout the level, especially the 9(!) secret switches. Takes a lot of time >:-)

Community Chest 2 – MAP31 – Idée fixe

Il peut tomber que j'écris ce review en français, seulement parce que le titre choisi est. Mais avant:

Rather than making a joke map, SargeBaldy made a map with a joke. Or some sort of. Given that you can do the start (Hell Knights, Revenants) with berserk and four shells, the only real menace to face is the cyb, but which can be bypassed in a funny way. Fun meant in a way that there is a switch — which is not even hidden — yet I still did not found it in my first demo runthroughs I recorded during the alpha test stage.

Nice atmospheric creation. The start contains this small (red) lava pool and (gray) granit around it, with that marble pillar! The rest of the map is very consistently BRICK*-METAL textured (which I like a lot).

L'idée fixe, c'est de faire une feinte. Et, il a sûrement fixée sur dessiner cette idée dans une carte. (Et j'ajoute que mon français est mieux que ton, sb :-))

Oh yeah, and the secret exit really is (l'idée fixe) secret, there is also a normal exit(!) that takes you back to MAP16.

Community Chest 2 – MAP32 – Sodding death

The map's size exceeds normal Boom capabilities (too big SEGS) and as such has unfortunately been put as MAP32. Nevertheless, here is another mountain map à la MAP24, but with the brown-ness of MAP23, plus this time it is daylight rather than night. The ultra large canyon — which spans 45% of the map — is just meant for speeding through. The whole map has a monster count of 231 (skill 3), and there are not much in the canyon either. It really starts out at the other side of the map, where a vined entrance to what seems to be a cave is present. Enough gameplay spoilers here, so...

I ever wondered if it is possible to design something that completely consists of vines, with the addition of using as few different-purpose textures as possible. Well, here is the final result, done by Chopkinsca. Most of the underground hallways only span "natural" textures; BROWN96, FWATER1, GSTVINE, ASHWALL3, ZIMMERx and similar. I am not sure whether METAL has been used at all in there. (Yes, but very very very few, because metal is not natural.)

Yet another excellent creation deserving the predicate wonderful.

Community Chest 2 – MAP16 – Spirit world headquarters

The names does certainly not show what is inside — definitely not some tribute to the Spirit World. What we have here in an unusual placement of buildings, enemies, where you need freelook, which we know Boom is not too flexible about (read: no freelook), and ZDoom is neither (only a limited degree), when it comes to extreme angles. Not to mention the weird placement of trees, eyes and pillars in one brick building. And then I got stuck searching the red key, no thanks. Avoid this one, it is too 94-like.

Community Chest 2 – MAP17

I already played this one in the beta test stage and had a mixed feeling about it. It is not below 50% on the How-do-I-like-it-scale, has a satisfying gameplay (nice hidden Mancubus!) and difficulty according to the room sizes.

Community Chest 2 – MAP18 – Internal reaches

Internal Reaches is once again a true authentic E4-styled map, but good at that. The sky you see (Doom default one for second part; City sky) seems just to fit to the initial view when you start. Perfect ammo/health (though it could get tight in some areas), nothing to object; it is some gold in the chest.

Community Chest 2 – MAP19 – The marbelous three

My very own map.

Community Chest 2 – MAP20 – Enigma

Enigma is a really authenthic E4-style map, with all the marble- and red-bricks, wood and metal you remember from E3M6 (Gate to Limbo) or E4M2 (Perfect Hatred). Ammo and health balance is very good, and you will really need to use savegames in some places. Sorry for the short review, I am running out of descriptions for good-but-not-extravagant(map24)-maps :-P

Enjoy this one before you get bored in the next four maps.

Community Chest 2 – MAP21 – Undead Nation

I am best off to say this is the same [quality] as MAP12. I admit that everyone makes, or has made "mistakes" (especially during learning mapping), but this should not be outlived in a community project. We have newstuff for the former.

Community Chest 2 – MAP22 – Thematic elements

A weird mixed-in-out-door nukage canyon set in... Hell? (Sky suggests). There are some sort of buildings in this nukage (that is also what you start in), battling your way through teleporters you do not know where they will lead. The interior (building) design is the exterior (canyon) design: weird, and by no means thematic. Unfitting texture selections have been made and no detail can fix this (there simply is none). 15 backpacks in one spot just show off that here is lack of understanding of Doom Mapping. The brick-textured parts seem to look better, but I have not spent any deeper look into it. What I have seen first (=when you start the map) is what counts. (Which quite mislead me on MAP24 ;-) Sorry for abusing the "Newstuff" word, but it is the best description.

Community Chest 2 – MAP23 – Death mountain

(Note: I played MAP24 before MAP23)

Why must all maps be so spare about a starting weapon and starting ammo? IMO, map packs with maps from different authors should be laid out so they can be played from a pistol start. So yes, I gave myself some shotguns and a backpack to start this one.

Design-wise, it is yet another great map alongside MAP24, but it is just as cramped with monsters as MAP24, and to that extent, HR2-style outside (probably just because of all the obstacles) and Nuts-style inside (especially near the Cyberdemon you should better not meet).

Community Chest 2 – MAP24 – The Mucus Flow

If mucus refers to the gibberish moisture in swamps and stuff, the title definitely fits the map style. And I do not say this in a negative way — a good half or even more of the map is textured green — including the sky texture. (Luckily, the player's view (COLORMAP) is not, `a la Nightvision.)

The large (green, if I may add, once more) canyon style map definitely got something. It is different from many of the other maps, if not all of them — there is simply more nature (read: green) than in any other Doom map. The aforementioned sky (if you can freelook at it, b/c of port limits) is the last touch — makes it look like "Utopia Flora" in deepspace. It differs from MAP23 in that it takes place down in the canyon rather than high up the hills.

In this bigsize map, the size being very common along "later maps" (in a mapset), you spend some time only looking at the mountain blocks to the left and right. And where there is no grass, there is green water or some other kind of nukage-looking, non-hurting, fluid. Actually mucus. (Go see the secret.)

As you wander along, you soon reach a tunnel-thru-the-mountain, which also has some caverns into a cellar where you find your first weapon(s). Until then, you are en pistol. You continue through the woods (yeah, woods without trees, but I am sure they have been left out to not slow down the game as in "Cold As Hell") until you (finally) reach a base. Moving floor light stripes are not to common in maps and make the base attractive. But guess what that switch will do!

Architecture-wise, The Mucus Flow is a top notch I would recommend for the best architectural wad of the year. Monster placement is definitely NOT like Nuts, but more like Hell Revealed (read: whatever you do, it's hard). The count of 894 (skill 4) decays into a "mere" 362 due to endless-respawning zombies in the towers before the Base, but that is still a lot to handle given that health is a real luxury and you would have to backstep to the last keypoint (beginning, or where you unlock the yellow door) to get some. Same for ammunition, but Seargants should provide you with some. I was also really missing the Super Shotgun (if I was searching for it in the first place).

B.P.R.D. has finally come up with a good (architectural) map, which is even above "Newstuff level". Everyone judge for himself about the monster mass ridiculousness (includes health), but I pass at that point. Use ZDoom's sv_fastweapons 1, then play. It's better. Though, it is a little sad that the end of the map can already be reached with only one of the three keys, i.e. there are a lot of places you do not need to go.

I am glad that Scuba Steve did not have the idea... he would have probably chosen pink instead of green. :-)

Longest review for now... heh.

Community Chest 2 – MAP25 – Desecration

Heh, some authors think that the player starts with more than a pistol, others think of a pistol start, and some even think of something with less than a pistol (which is currently only possible in ZDoom). This is one of these, where you get most bells, like SG, SSG, a bulletbox and a berserk pack at the start. But ok, that's not the world. Either way, I think this is a safety measure to not make you skip the map like the previous two :-)

Whatever about the initial supply, you will need it. Doom's damage system is not very logical, as Espi has once noted. (IIRC, it was a random integer between 1 and 8 multiplied with some value, subtracting armor if applicable, which yields a health loss between 5% and 60% for a simple Hell Knight's fireball.) The first secret is not hidden "very well", but heh, enough spoilers :-P

The design is no first pick and rather unsual, yet the map is playable.

Community Chest 2 – MAP26 – Geist halls

(Also alpha-tested.) An agglumeration of crates, long hallways and cramped "rooms" — I am not sure if you can call a 128x128 square a room or an intersection point. It is playable at least, but if you get bored, yes, use the idclev or changemap command.

Community Chest 2 – MAP27 – Gethsemane

The greeting commitee() of Hell Knights and the greeting commitee of Hell Knights when you move and the greeting commitee of a Cyberdemon when you shoot presents the E3-style, blood-floored map as hard. Not to mention the revenants that just get alerted too, but that is not unlimited. It is not as hard... "as it sounds". Just get up the stairs and beat the few zombies out of the way, bewaring of the yellowish sludge that is frictionally tagged sludge, i.e. you move slower, can dodge less. The megasphere at the start should really get you started, can't get much easier. Ammo is short (skill 3), but I do not see why no map is not allowed to do so. (At least as long as you can recover somehow :-) But yet, there is a number of cacodemons to get down from the sky, and I soon ceased playing — getting out of my capability for joy. (I do not like MAP29 of Doom2 either, it is the same category.)

Community Chest 2 – MAP28 – No room

Starts out good (just a few square blocks), but soon turns around when you step into the arena. Everything else is a lot of copy-and-paste (not that this would be bad, the lavastone canyon is not just 90 degrees; we have also seen Tremor...). Last thing to mention is the goat(se)-like map part, but well, find out yourself.

Community Chest 2 – MAP29 – Event horizon

Yay, something playable. And good-looking too. I can't give a precise approximation (oxymoron of the day) of the style, but it could be described by "(gray) vrack base embedded into (brown) mountain", keeping in mind, however, that everything changes to hell-style marble someday. I have come far in the alpha test runthrough demos (though, about only 50% thanks to the Archie) and even finished it one day (in a non-recording playthrough). Take it as fbase7 or something, it is the last chest for today.

Community Chest 2 – MAP30 – In threes

There is a slight problem in this map: damage floors and monsters-can-telefrag-anything. The first is ok, the second, a map30 special offer in the Doom code, is ok too, but when both get together, I see nuts. You can not step everywhere, because some Imps gonna spawn. And where you can step is a -20% floor. However, design is ok; ammo and health is not judged because I never got past that point, yet not to mention the six Icons of Sin.

However, I have to thank this map for its existance, a screenshot of the starting room gave me an inspiration to start on my MAP19, which has been kindly left out in this review because I cannot really praise myself. Let someone else do it, and get it posted here.

If you scrolled, then scroll back, because MAP31/32 is after MAP15.

Agent Spork – Deny

What makes a good map? One that can be played at gamma level 1.0 (which is also true for another of his, "Geo"). But what is different to Geo is that you get to weapons very damn late, because Shotgunners do not drop any weapon anymore, Chaingunners just drop a clip instead of a gun. That is evil, because it requires to beat through several imps in close-quarters before you get the first, real, SG. And when you do that, there is more imps, so there is lack of ammo. (Throughout the map, if I might throw in.) But health is also very scarce during the first minutes.

Generally, this is yet another one to add to your collection. Make your own choice on how to compensate for above-mentioned misfits (cheat or edit the map), though.

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My first try at a review: Tormentor667 – City of the Damned

In trying to show off his new Blood resource pack, Tormentor667 created a medium-sized city map without leaving out the usual ZDoom features. :-)

Unless you start straight into the main city, beating the first wave of incoming monsters won't be a problem, however, the great open space allows a lot for hostile sniper fire, so be prepared for such.

Detail-wise there is enough to see, as gameplay keeps you busy enough. It is not hub-like but not linear either, there are at least two choices where to go at first.

And depending where you go, you might find yourself running out of a particular type of ammo, but this later improves a lot.

The music fits the atmosphere, but is short and repititive (when you take more time to play the map, preferable to pay attention to gameplay, design, and of course your health, because armor is scarce).

I spared the screenies, as this is a must-checkout.

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