Created by me, and/or maintained by me

This list does generally not include contractual work.



automake, bindfs, chocolate-doom, conntrack-tools, cttop, ht/hte, ilohamail (got a mention in the Japanese ASCII LINUX Magazine 2004/2), iproute2, ipset, iptables, iridium browser, irqd, libabigail, libattr, libebml, libinput, libmatroska, libmnl, libnetfilter_conntrack, libnetfilter_conntrack, libnetfilter_cthelper, libnetfilter_cttimeout, libnetfilter_log, libnetfilter_queue, libnfsidmap, libnftnl, libosmocore, libosmo-netif, mISDNuser, neard, N/X WCMS, schismtracker, systemd, ulogd, (lib)vmime, xkbcommon, zdoom, zypper. This list is not exhaustive. My contributions are plentiful and all over the place. Many stem from my work with distributions, i.e. compilation fixes.