This is a small-medium-sized deathmatch level which has an outer ring and an inner isle - sloped and 3D floored. This map has its roots on the first NewDoom contest where you should build off a basemap - I did not really like the basemap — 6th place *yeah* — of 6! Anyway, after the contest I remade the map, deleted ugly parts and added things, slopes, ACS — here is the result. For ZDoom. E2 themed.


AndrewB in Doomworld's Newstuff chronicles

One deathmatch map for Doom 2. Somewhat of an interesting design. One basic square area, with some slopes and even an underwater area. Requires ZDoom.

Hyena in Doomworld's Newstuff #119

Note from jengelh: This was an update and 3dArchives did not mind putting it in newstuff. <-- was not intended, but anyway, another review.

It is a another ZDoom deathmatch WAD with colored lighting, one big square room, and some 1337 3D bridges with a BFG on them. It is not that great. A lot of the time you have to aim vertically in order to hit anything (which Doom ports are not too flexible about) and there is not any running or hiding to be done as there are no pillars or corridors. In other words, one of the guys gets the BFG, puts his back against a corner and fires and no one can dodge.

There is also way too much ammo lying around and no need for the chaingun, as the easily attainable weapons it contends with are the rocket launcher, super shotgun, plasma rifle, and BFG.

It looks like it might have been going somewhere with the interesting island in the center, and the deep water, but there is not enough to really make it a challenging DM map.