This is a medium-sized deathmatch level which takes place in a (theoretical) semi-underworld of E1/E2 style. I made this last year (2001) - this is my first level since I came to the Doom community. Originally, it was designed for Legacy to handle 3D floors - but metallic passovers are also acceptable. I converted it to ZDoom to use slopes and ACS features.


AndrewB in Doomworld's Newstuff chronicles

Another strange deathmatch map for Doom 2. Marginally larger than Circular Area, it has somewhat of an octagonal design to it. An indoor area with ramps and underwater areas, some tunnels, and a wet foggy outdoor area. There is also a surprise in the map somewhere. Requires ZDoom.



I do not know why I did this, but these levels are so obscure you will be glad if knew some of these, IF you got stuck.

I am stuck in the water
Just go to the edge of the lowest floor and jump onto it.

For what are those terminals?
They tell you what you can do there. Each terminal gives a description of either its environment or itself.

Chasecam view in the sludge does not work right
That is 'cause the camera is exact in the middle of sludge and air (you may know this from the "frog perspective"). Set the camera height lower or higher in the console.

Random powerup station — what to do?
Hit the switch and wait until three powerups are spawned — but do not go in the sector when it is red — spawn activity. Wait until it is white (or yellow in a special case).