The Marbelous Three

The Marbelous Three is a marble-textured Boom map interspersed with tech textures and an outdoor region with a construction site where it shifts to tech and Earth textures (of Doom2). There are a few pseudo-scripting gimmicks (red skull) and partly tight corridors.

Original description (as written in October 2004)

This map begun with a blood-marbled room as a possible candidate entry to CC2, but soon evolved into a textural experiment involving two facing worlds, tech vs marble. I tried to find a good tex combination, since most tech textures do not fit well with marble. I hope I can satisfy this.

The "Three" in the map title refers to the early textural map design where a lot of structural objects came in groups of three due to the limited texture set. I mean, there are three faces (LION, GARG, SATYR), three daemons (MARBFAC*), three key(color)s... and that's pretty limited.


AndrewB in Doomworld's Newstuff Chronicles #205 (2004-10-31)

This is a medium-sized single-player map for Doom 2, MAP19. It is a combination of tech base and marble. The level is generally easy to medium in difficulty, with all skill levels implemented. The enemies are small to medium-large, and the medium-powered weapons are provided. This map stands out a bit in its amount of detail. Obviously a lot of work has been put into this, with the author estimating 300 hours of work. However, this seems a bit out of place for a map that takes maybe ten minutes to complete.

In the essay The Roots of Doom Mapping (2019-12-10), chapter 7, I get a mention:

Hirogen2’s “The Marbelous Three,” [is] an archeological dig site that blends heavy atmosphere and doomcute sector detailing