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Halle – Riebeckplatz (in its 2008 version...)

The entire area has been bulldozed, creating a new lower level where tram rolls now. The high road with the blue grating always existed, though the pillars were reworked as you can see in this picture. The traffic mess that existed for the previous 20+ years — where tram and road traffic were on the (now) mid-level — is finally gone.
[de] Die gesamte Fläche wurde ausgebaggert, und eine neue Tiefebene wurde geschaffen, wo nun die Straßenbahn rollt. Die Hochstraße mit der blauen Seitenlackierung bestand schon immer, jedoch wurden die Pfeiler neu eingesetzt. Das Verkehrschaos, das in den letzten 20+ Jahren herrschte — wo Straßenbahn und Autoverkehr auf dem (heutigen) mittlerem Level waren — ist endlich passé.

Station “Riebeckplatz” (north and west tracks)

Halle – Franckestraße

Local time: 11:36. Distance ahead: 1.70 km

(Obere) Franckestraße, Station “Am Leipziger Turm” und rundrum.

The East German traffic mannekin is omnipresent. Most new traffic lights have it (again).
[de] Das ostdeutsche Ampelmännchen ist allgegenwärtig. Die meisten neuen Ampeln haben es (wieder).


Station “Franckeplatz”

Station “Glauchaer Platz”

A rare Wartburg car is driving by! (front row, right)
[de] Seltenes Wartburg-Auto (vorne rechts).

Halle – Zentrum

Local time: 12:00. Distance ahead: 1.80 km

Viele Brücken.

Rund ums mdr-Sendehaus.

Specialty: The Kirnitzschtalbahn waggon!
[de] Besonderheit: der Kirnitzsch-talbahn-Waggon.

Hallmarkt (Salt market), Göbelbrunnen and Marienkirche (Western towers)

Marienkirche (Eastern towers), unfortunately under repairs



Local time: 12:58. Distance ahead: 2.65 km.

Burg Giebichenstein

Von der Giebichensteinbrücke aus.

Station “Talstraße”

Again, the nostalgic traffic light (including bicycle)

Station “Kröllwitz”
A station, complete with turning loop in the midst of nowhere. Well, it is supposed to be a park&ride station, but it seems more like a parking space and, well, station for access to the nearby forest, in which one can now do shorter walks, should one exhaust oneself prematurely.
[de] Haltestelle, komplett mit Wendeschleife, praktisch mitten im Nirgendwo. Soll ein Park&Ride-Platz sein, aber das ganze dient wohl eher als Parkplatz und eben Haltestelle zur nahegelegenen Heide, in der man nun kürzere Runden drehen kann, falls man sich vorzeitig erschöpft hat.

An Imbissbude colored like the tram.
[de] Imbussbude lackiert wie die Straßenbahn.

Halle – Rabeninsel/Pulverweide(n) and Südpark

Local time: 13:55. Distance ahead: 7.0 km

Full view of Brennnessel / Nettle (Urtica dioica)

Macro view of Klebekraut / Galium aparine

Macro view of a Weinbergschnecke / Helix pomatia



Local time: 15:56. Distance ahead: 5.92 km


Tatra T4D-C, refurbished 3rd generation (introduced around 2007)

“Am Kleinen Teich”

Bulldozed between fall 2007 and May 2008

The typical garden-within-4-blocks

Way up to the “Indianerberg”

“Indianerberg” – reason for its name is a playground on top (not seen here – I did not bother to go that way)

Fahrradständer – mal Ostdeutsch

This is how the original non-refurbished blocks look like

These lucky dudes have WiMAX-based Internet

(Alte) Einkaufspassage Neustadt

Am Gastronom

For the elders

“Taubenbrunnen”, it is even in operation today!

The buildings' concrete already collapses by itself (“quick” concrete only holds for 40-50 years; this was built in the 1960s)

Entrance to the “Tunnelbahnhof” (subterranean station)

View from the station southwards and northwards. Built like an air raid shelter.

“Morgens halb 10 in Deutschland...”

More places

Local time: 17:16. Distance ahead: 0.83 km

Tatra T3/T4D tramcar at Riebeckplatz station

Still lots of construction here

Don't know what to call your street names? Just prepend “verlängerte” (enlonged) and...

Hubertusplatz, “Heide” station

Merseburg, 2008-05-04

Local time: 10:54. Distance ahead: 6.14 km

Near the Northern Gardens. No 10 years ago this was all farm land. [de] Bei den Gärten (am Stadion). Vor nicht mal 10 Jahren war das alles noch Farmland.


Traces of history

Macro view of a <i>Pyrrhocoris apterus</i> (de: Gemeine Feuerwanze, en: Firebug)

Seems like it got too hot for this one

Spring (Quelle) at Stadtpark Merseburg – still water though

It really starts to flow here

Remnants of a train bridge (no other rails anywhere near) – this bridge is stray for as long as 1987

So this is the proof this track was abandoned long ago

Once upon a time, a DDR Konsumladen was located here (up to perhaps 1994?) / Lindenstraße

This tower also exists since at least mid-1980s, but I still do not know its original purpose

Merseburg – “Transience” (“Vergänglichkeit”)

Local time: 12:20. Distance ahead: 2.11 km

Alberichstraße (built circa 1920) – removed in late 2007

A bit of green here and there

You still see the street lamps

This is what the walls were made of

This is also an original ~1925s wall


Klobikauer Straße

Merseburg – Gotthardsteich

Local time: 12:59. Distance ahead: 1.27 km

Westside Gotthardsteich

Relaxing ducks and swans

Westside Gotthardsteich, full view; funny bridge construction

Eastside Gotthardsteich

Chinese restaurant “Dynastie” – recommended

Merseburg – Zentrum

Local time: 13:56. Distance ahead: 0.73 km

This place was commonly called “Hölle” (Hell) and I seem to remember even the station had this name – until they later changed it to “Marienstraße”. (As of 2011: it's just “Zentrum” now.)