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上野 / Ueno

Asakusa Dori road in the early morning — and dear, it is already warm.

Railroads leading away from Ueno JR Station

Akihabara/Ueno pedestrian zone. Better not go there if you don't like crammed places — especially if you are on bike. There are no postcards here to be found. Or anywhere else of that sort.

I blame overland power wires — also popular in the US — for their lack of resilience w.r.t. storms, and thus, the subsequent potential outages.

上野公園 / Ueno Park

Pigeons at a water fountain atop the Ueno Crossing Bridge.

Big water fountain in Ueno Park. Reads: この場所での次の行為は、適正な公園利用妨 げとなりますので、都立公園条例第十六条により 禁止します。 一、手すり等に衣類等を干すこと。 一、寝そべること。 一、ゴミをすてたりよこすこと。 一、荷物やシート等をひろげること。 一、酒盛りをすること。 など、利用者の迷惑となる行為。 平成二十一年六月。 上野恩賜公園事務所長。 上野警察署長。 TL: As for this place's next attraction, because of resulting in hindrance of reasonable park utilization, according to Municipal Park regulation number 16, it is forbidden to: - dry clothes etc. on the handrailing etc., - linger around, - throw away (and other actions) trash, - unpack luggage, or use seats and/or camping chairs and other objects, - make party; and similar actions which cause a bother to visitors. —The Ueno Imperial Park office director. —The Ueno Police Chief.

Popular tree in Ueno Park. Reads: Camellia japonica L.
一名 ヤマシバキ
分布=本州〜琉球 朝鮮 暖帯

Ueno Pond is full of reeds. This was not the case in 2009.

六本木 / Roppongi

View from the 40th floor (~190–200m above ground) at Mori Tower, Roppongi.

A demonstration of some kind

Tokyo Tower at night

都庁 / Tocho

View from the Government Building (東京都庁舎), 45th floor (202 m above ground). Compared to Tokyo Tower, it is higher, and entrance is also gratis.