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Description: The suburbs are pretty much lifeless, like La Défense in Paris at weekends.


The railway station is immediately next to the motorway, making for a near insular design.
[de] Bahnstation direkt neben der Autobahn - komisches Inseldesign resultiert.

Misc signs. // Verschiedenes.


Metro line #1 on Ørestads Boulevard.

Commercial buildings. The noise made by the wind turbine is about as much as an airplane at perhaps 5000 m (or more).
[de] Bürogebäude. Lärm der Windanlage ist wie ein Flugzeug in 5+ km Höhe.

Residential buildings. Somewhat reminiscient of Socalist style (height, blockiness, and with playgrounds inbetween).
[de] Wohngebäude. Erinnert an den sozialistischen Ostdeutschlandstil (Höhe, “Block”-haftigkeit, und mit Grünanlagen mittendrin).


Panoramic view from an elevated spot on Amagerfælleden.
[de] Rundumblick vom Haupthügel des Amagerfeldes.