Village Lövvik (in the middle of the nature)
This could be considered a theme trip. First a boat, now a prison cell. – Umeå Gamla Fängslet (hostel)
A room just for Cpt. Obvious.
Umeå stadskyrka (City Church)
Umeå stadskyrka (City Church)
Umeälven (Ume River)
Umeälven (Ume River)
Broparken (Bridge Park), Umeälven and southern Umeå
Rådhusparken (City Hall Park)
Downtown Umeå
Rådhus (City Hall) – backside
Rådhus – front
Bust of Gustav II Adolf
Victor Emanuel Lindstrand's “Grön Eld” (“Green Fire”, made of glass) in front of Umeå Centralstation (railway station) looks a lot like a block of Kryptonite.
Nydalsjön: Not very interesting, but apparently I was in the wrong place.
Author: Jan Engelhardt, 2013

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