I found that a number of places in Bristol are reminiscient of Göttingen itself.

College Green; the GÖ equivalent is Platz der Göttinger Sieben, in that it is a central lawn with university buildings to the side.

Queen Square; the GÖ equivalent is Wilhelmsplatz, in that it is a point of assembly where everybody is on the outline, and no one in the center.

Magpie Park; the GÖ equivalent is Hiroshimaplatz, in that it is used as a skating area and is surrounded by busy traffic.

The Courtrooms, a student residence. The windows make it look like a neverending collection of nondescript utility rooms. Compare with Göttingens Lern- und Studiengebäude (LSG).

St. Bartholomews, an office building with a concave shape. Similar to the Barthomoleusbogen (Bartholomew's Arc), an equally curved residential housing in GÖ.

Inner city pedestrian area Broadmead/Merchant Street, and Concorde Street mall. Similar to GÖ's Weender Straße and its Carré mall.

Bus ring around the city center pedestrian area, similar to GÖ's Stumpfebiel street.

South Plaza buildings. Brute architecture can be beautiful. But not here — it looks like a multi-storey parking. Follows the likes of Göttingen's ZHG.

The Bearpit and adjoining shops/residences, Haymarket Walk. Looks as terrible as GÖ's Iduna-Zentrum (architectural sins from the 1960s).

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