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Hot Pot

Sweet rice cake

“Omelette pizza”

“Fried torpedo” (with rice or potato inside)

Pyongyang Cold Noodles

Western-style pizza (finally!)

Sweet bread

Sushi at Kenji Fujimoto's Restaurant (wow!)

Mansu Bridge Cold Drink Stand (beer bar)

Donuts (wow!)

More... clams?! (At Ansan Hotel)

Video clips:
Clam roasting using diesel (at Unchŏn Hot Spa Resort) (12s, 26MB)

Art and interior design

Public transport

Kaesŏn station — looks futuristic like a Galaxy class starship from the inside

Curious things

Red light cameras

Traffic jam… popular restaurant or something

Toll booth at the Wonsan highway

“Do you see anything wrong here?”

Something for the International Manhole Museum

Filling stations, various brands

The secret fifth floor of the Yanggakdo hotel… not so secret anymore

Bicycle rental

Electric bikes make an appearance

A restaurant where the individual dining rooms are reachable through a lobby.. it looks like a “Select Level” screen.

Cycleways... like in Germany :-D

Postal boxes (not a lot of them exist)

The digit ‘4’ is written quite peculiar in Korean. But nowadays, they seem to switch that out, too.

Springy road

New shiny and modern police cars

“Truck stop”


A kind of Stonehenge

New forms of facade design

Eco facade, something for Germany to learn from

Audio clips:
Medical car siren