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Still shots:

Video clips:
Human Tetris (14s, 32MB)
Initializing the Human LCD (27s, 60MB)
Opening Drone Performance for the show "Our Country" (1m57s, 259MB)
“Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark” (19s, 43MB)
Fluorescent show (4s, 10MB)
Wave show (4s, 9MB)
Candle show (23s, 9MB)
Laser show (24s, 52MB)
Korean dancers (10s, 22MB)
Tapdancers (17s, 38MB)
Death Wheel (12s, 28MB)
Human Missiles (1m38s, 217MB)
More Tetris things: Korobeiniki (25s, 57MB)
Finale (27s, 62MB)