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Landscape between Pyongyang and Nampo–Unchǒn

Kangsǒ Mineral Water Bottling Factory

Dae'an Friendship Glass Factory

krc_3210.mp4 (3.7M): glass moving
krc_3213.mp4 (18.3M): glass cutting step 1
krc_3214.mp4 (9.5M): glass cutting step 2
krc_3215.mp4 (20.7M): glass cutting step 3

Unchǒn Hot Spa Resort

Geese blocked our path at first like a herd of sheep. Small but comfy room.

The 30-legged bug seems to be a <i>Scutigera coleoptrata</i>

Annoying alarm sound of Korean cicadas
Standard asian cicada (non-annoying) and black squirrel

West Sea Barrage