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Kaesŏn funfair

Grand Theatre

Korean opera (video clips), Grand Theatre:
segment 1 (38s, 85MB)
segment 2 (35s, 78MB)
segment 3 (15s, 35MB)
segment 4 (32s, 71MB)

Pyongyang Circus

Mansudae People's Theatre

(Former) People's Army Circus

Word is that the army circus and civilian circus have merged. Subsequently, this building is no longer used for circus, but other performances.

Ice rink

Kim Il Sung Stadium

Kim Il Sung Stadium

Pyongyang Zoo

Pyongyang Zoo

Gates of the ancient Pyongyang town boundaries

Western Gate

Southern Gate

Northern Gate

Tower of the Juche idea

Party Foundation Monument

Chollima statue

Arch of Reunification

Arch of Triumph

Fatherland Liberation War museum

Tower of Eternal Life

(at Ryŏmyŏng Street)

Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetary

Holy Trinity Cathedral (russian-orthodox church)

Museum of Youth Movement

Sino–Korean Friendship Tower

Kim Hyŏng Jik University

Ryugyŏng Hotel

Video clips:
Ryugyŏng Hotel changing LED facade (16s, 35MB)

Sports Village

Mangyŏngdae Schoolchildren's Palace

Video clips of Schoolchildren's Palace:
Performance segment 1 (45s, 99MB) Segment 2 (9s, 20MB)

SciTech complex

Pyongyang Rail Station

Pyongyang Schoolchildren's Palace

Pyongyang Sports Complex

National Gift Exhibition

Ryugyŏng Market (“Singaporean Market”)

Various hotels

Yanggakdo Hotel

Koryo Hotel

?? hotel

Floaty boat restaurant

Supreme People's Assembly

main building

auxiliary building

People's Palace of Culture

More structures

Kim Jŏng Suk Textile Mill