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Unreal Tournament Key Bindings

There seems to be a bug in UT99 v451 in that the voice menu, as triggered with the “V” key by default, just retracts even while you hold the key. To counter this you can define key bindings.

To bind a key: (Yes, it's different from the quake-style bind command.)

set input key action

For example, set input F12 togglefullscreen is very useful, because the default binding for F12 is only to end fullscreen rather than also returning to fullscreen (kinda dull), so rebinding it to toggle is a nice bonus.

As for voice commands, there is an odd syntax I had to figure out. The actual console command for voice messages would be speech category message target. target designates the player who should receive the message, or -1 for everybody (it seems). Players start with integer 0, as evidenced by “Blue Leader, defend the base” when issuing speech 2 0 0. In UT99, category must be an integer, mnemonics do not seem to work.

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