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BBC commentator taunting ESC

As usual, the BBC radio commentator Ken Bruce has a good taunt ready for almost every other ESC participant.

A/B/C: local moderators, BBC: BBC commentator.

B: 26 finalists means that this is the biggest Eurovision grand final since the introduction of the semi-final shows. The number of participants in today's grand final equals the record from 2003 in Riga.
BBC: That means it going to be even longer than usual!

This year's show clocked in at about 3 hours 30 minutes.

A: Tonight, we share this arena with 20000 people in the hall. I want to hear 20000 people...
BBC: You don't need to hold your microphone up for them, I think we will hear them anyway.
A: And 120 million viewers all over Europe... I want to hear you again.
BBC: That will be more difficult.

Hungary is about to perform.
BBC: We have Hungary coming next, uh, a group called “Compact Disco” led by a man called Behnam Lotfi. He has been dressed apparently by World Of Leather, it is [...] a ¾-length coat, looks a bit like an off-cut from a DFS sofa.

Albania is about to perform.
BBC: [...] I will warn you, she starts cat-wailing halfway through it, really annoying sound. [...] You won't be singing this one on your way home from the pub — unless a bus parks on your foot.

Russia has finished their performance.
BBC: Now listen to the response to that. I had never have ever seen like it in Eurovision — I probably will never again.

Cyprus is about to perform.
BBC: The wind machine is back in use for this. Well, they paid for it for the weekend from HSS, so, might as well use it, I suppose.

France is about to perform.
BBC: And the wind machine is back — thank goodness, money is worth it at last.

Norway is about to perform.
BBC: They have had a checkered time at Eurovision: some great wins, some great losses. I think this is going to be one of the latter. So not be so I am be getting with some slightly flatulent electronic noises. [...] His name is Tooji [pronounces it like "2G"] — although I think he is probably going to be superseded by 3G.

Malta is about to perform.
BBC: Now, I have been doing Eurovision for many, many years now. I keep coming back on the promise that we might go to Malta [Malta doing the hosting] one year, and this is the Maltese entry. I sort of feel that we may not be going this year. [...] There is an active band there on the stage with some slightly silly footwork, but that does that matter at Eurovision? No, not at all.

Ukraine has finished their performance.
BBC: That tuneless trumpet sound that they had throughout that song, was quite intentional, it is a traditional instrument. At least that was always my excuse when I was learning to play as well.

Greece has submitted its points.
BBC: Still three countries to get any score at all: Iceland, Norway and Denmark. But they can probably vote for each other when the time comes.

And it occurred so later.

Switzerland is giving its points.
BBC: Well, Switzerland don't have neighbours they vote for; or friends particularly.

Denmark is giving its points.
C: Finally, the top 12 points go to our very nice neighbors in Sweden.
BBC: Our problem is that we [Great Britain] don't really have any neighbors [to get points from]

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