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The Ecodisc oblate

During the openSUSE Conference 2011, every participant got a bunch of free Linux-related magazines; among them: Linux User (2011/05 de_DE issue), Linux Magazin (2011/08 de_DE issue), Linux Magazine (2011/05 en_GB issue) and one other, which was probably easylinux, because they are all owned by Linux New Media.

Since such magazines way too often recycle topics, I almost never buy or even read them, so this is also the first time I noticed yet-unseen kinds of plastic discs that shipped in the magazines. An “EcoDisc” label was prominently placed on the disc, so there went today's Google search. Half the plastic, half thickness (good for slot-loading drives? I dare not try), supposedly half the CO2 emission (CO2 is so prominent that people seem to be forgetting about methane and CFCs), half the weight.

But, one of the Ecodiscs was already broken in more than two pieces, which might have occurred when the stack of magazines was hoisted to the conference, and later also to the homes of its participants. I had one more non-broken Ecodisc to try it out on against, whilst actually observing. Very easy to bend and likely to break akin to a round waffle wafer, known here as Oblate(-n). In order of increasing fragility: EcoDisc, CD-Rs, simple pressed discs, really stiff pressed discs.

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