8×19 fonts lend themselves well to 640×480. But there were not that many. The PremiumExec DOS font, covered in a separate article, seems to have made a resurgent appearance. Around 1996, Intel had mainboards on offer that would feature a 8×19 font, and one can't help but notice a parallel. Though, a drawing space of just 8×16 pixels — or 8×19 for that matter — does not allow for all that much variation (and still be legible and reasonable), so it has to be accepted that many DOS fonts look very similar.

PC Rebuilding has a page showing a visual of BIOS marked 1997. The mainboard arguably was a AN430TX / PB915ATX with a Socket 7, which indeed, was used from 1995–1999. You can see the typical glyph shapes and the excess pixel rows at the top. PC Rebuilding also presents a AL440LX Slot 1 board, also marked 1997.

Later, American Megatrends (AMI) must also have gotten hold of the font, as it makes an appearance in the Sun x86 server line-up of the day (Sun X4140, etc.), before becoming even more prominent with its inclusion in the EFI Development Kit.