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A new system

[Updated May 7 2012]. (by hxtools sysinfo) [ares] Linux 3.1.1 sparc64 | 24-thr UltraSparc T1 (Niagara) 1000MHz | Load: 0.05 Tasks: 302 | Mem: 1824/7985MB | Disk: 11201/12835GB — has a nice ring to it, in the midst of an x86-filled world.

The CPU draws 72 W in idle (according to SC), eight RAM banks another 16.5 (SC), and another 5.5 for the rest of the system (disk), for a total of 94 W measured at the wall socket. Under load, the CPU goes up by ~20 W and the RAM banks 1–2 W.

It is always interesting to see what's in the Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T1000 (6-core/24-thread configuration). The black Fujitsu front bevel also looks a lot more awesome than the silvery Sun/Oracle plating.

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