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A whole lot of other contributions

Due to my involvement in Linux distributions, I have left a mark in quite a number of software projects in one way or another. And there are new involvements daily to the point that I don't remember them all anymore. The following list tries to track some of this as best as memory serves.

(You'll find contributions all over the place due to my involvement in Linux distro maintenance, and I can't even keep track; I try nevertheless, so the incomplete list: canutils ccrtp ceph-leveldb clucene firo flint float gens git gitbook glusterfs gp2c hexchat hxtools kiwi kmod lcr libXcm libabc libbitcoin libdrm libdwarf libinput libkmod liblmdb libmatroska libnl libosmo-netif libseccomp libsnet libsocketcan libteam libusbg libwebp linux lowpan-tools man-pages mandelbulber marquee mc mip6 npth nvt obs-service-tar_scm ohcount opendkim perfbook plymouth prboom-plus procps re-alpine repack-repos samdc secure-conntrack-helpers singular snet-tools spec-cleaner srtp sssd stormfs suse-autobuild open-build-service suse-firewall suse-kernel obs-signd xfsprogs

Proof of concepts