Active projects

Software considered complete


A whole lot of other contributions

Due to my involvement in Linux distributions, I have left a mark in quite a number of software projects in one way or another. And there are new involvements daily to the point that I don't remember them all anymore. The following list tries to track some of this as best as memory serves.

Proof of concepts

  • CELL_ATA — A sample cellular automaton using wxWidgets (2006).

  • Chaostables — A research on how to detect and deceive network scans. The code lives on in Xtables-addons.
  • ccgfs — A transport-agnostic synchronous network filesystem using FUSE with support for reverse connect.
  • Codename Circumference — A client-server implementation of the RFC3588bis Diameter protocol that was made as part of a 3-month university exercise (2008). Diameter was formulated as a P2P protocol, which made the specification unnecessarily more complex IMO; by leaving out what made no sense to me, this C2S implementation came to be the antithesis of the Diameter Working Group's output.
  • ldapfuse — make an LDAP tree available through a FUSE mount.
  • libxlg — A library for basic algorithmic picture manipulation. Result of a teaching course about the maths behind Digital Picture Editing.
  • multiadm — Security Module for the Linux kernel to support multiple root users and semi-privileged “sub-administrators”.
  • QuadDSP — A kernel-level stereo-to-quadrophonic sound effect module.