MacOS Darwin System Console font

Full ISO-8859-1 coverage, better than the "OS X Darwin Font" one from DeviantArt.



ax86's vector version of Terminus has unusually-angled strokes and therefore always looks mushy when rendered. Long story short, “Let me fix that for you.”
TerminusTTFConsoleet Terminus-32 Smooth

Download (version number follows upstream project):

Oldschool PC Fonts

Based on int10h's oldschoolpc font pack, I present smooth-edge versions of some of the most prominent fonts: IBM EGA, IBM VGA, Model30r0, AST, ATI, Toshiba and Verite in 8x14/16,9x14/16. (AST - or a slight derivative thereof - is used in Sun x86 BIOSes and Lenovo BIOSes. A variant of Verite is used in VMware or so.)

Download (version number follows upstream project):

Extra note to self after the fact (duh): U+25D9 and U+2593 do not have a 9th column in EGA/VGA 9x16, and this is intentional, because their original glyph indices were 0x08 and 0xB2, respectively, and LGE (Line Graphics Enable) is only applied to glyph indices 0xC0..0xDF.

Fixedsys Excelsior

Based on kika/fixedsys, I present a smooth-edge version of this.

Download (version number follows upstream project):

Xorg bitmap fonts

Based on xorg-font-misc-misc, I present vectorized & smooth-edge versions of some of the fonts that are known from xterm.

Download (version number follows upstream project):

Sample pictures

At 32px (24pt@96dpi, or 19.2pt@120dpi), i.e. double the original design size, it looks like so:

Consoleet ATI 9x16 (with custom x1.2 vertical stretch applied via xterm/fontconfig):

Consoleet Darwin Smooth:

Consoleet EGA 9x14 (x1.33 vertical stretch):

Consoleet Fixedsys (no stretch):

Consoleet Terminus-32 Smooth Bold (no stretch):

Consoleet VGA 8x16 (x1.2 vertical stretch):

Consoleet Verite 8x16 (x1.2 vertical stretch):